Mom & Daughter Affordable Date Ideas!

Ever wanted a night away, say with your daughter? Well chances that a date night with your daughter is just what you need! It is important that each parent have alone time with their child to discuss personally what is going on in each others lives. Now I know your daughter is still young and may not understand some of the complications going on in your life, but it is important that you understand what is going on in hers. Just remember, that your little daughter will eventually grow up,  and be off on her own, so it is important to enjoy your time with her while she is still young.

Some of these ideas aren’t for every mom & daughter relationship. Make sure to pick a few you like, and then let your daughter pick a few she’s interested in too!

Bake Something Delicious. Have your daughter help you make some of her favorite flavor cookies. Not only does she learn some basics of baking, but it can be quite fun at the same time! Plus who doesn’t like cookies am I right?

Take her to dinner. Every girl loves to be taken out to dinner. So let her chose her favorite place to eat, and dress up! Wear something exciting even if you are going out to McDonalds, it’s more so about the experience than the food!

Mom & Daughter Movie Night. Grab some popcorn and catch your favorite movie with your daughter. Make sure to try and get their a little bit early for some extra socializing time!

Get Slurpees! Kids love slurpees, well and moms do too! For a short little getaway take her for a slurpee and enjoy drinking it while at the park. Or take her to Sonic to get her favorite slushee that you can enjoy while listening to her favorite band on the radio.

Redecorate Her Room. Simply re-arranging the room may be enough. Send dad out for a beer while the two of you listen to her favorite pop music and change things up. Maybe she wants to hang a new poster? Move the bed to the other side, who knows sometimes the littlest things can go along way.

Paint Each others Nails. Stop by your favorite store and pick out a few of your favorite colors. Put on your favorite movie and just enjoy talking, and painting each others nails. Bonus points if you two match!

Picnic. Pack up a yummy lunch, soft blankets, and head down to the river or park to have a quiet picnic. Maybe you can even combine the painting nails with picnic in the park?

Horseback Riding. This is one of the most fun ideas on the list, however, it is not always super cheap. If your daughter is interested in riding horses, do some research and see what kind of prices you can find in your area.


If you have any affordable mom & daughter date ideas make sure to leave them in the comments below!