Minimalist Parenting Moms Tips

Minimalist parenting is a technique used by moms all over to essentially, enjoy being a mom more by doing less. It is an approach that allows families to be aware of their personal values and priorities – allowing you to identify what best merits time in your life. The best way to start on your process to mastering minimalist parenting is to accept that changes are coming, and change is good. However, do not expect things to change instantly, as all good things take time (unless they are new shoes on sale at Target).

For many moms being present 100% of the time in their child’s lives is the goal. However, doing this will cause moments where you are completely in the moment with your child, and other moments where all you can think about is how you’re going to manage to clean the house, or that lingering project at work. The fact of the matter is, their is just too much going on in our lives, too many work meetings, too many events, too many errands to run and so on. If that’s the case, you may want to try minimalist parenting.

First step, decluttering. For some moms, clutter can cause anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. The best way to declutter your house is to throw away, or donate, anything in your house that isn’t a necessity or doesn’t bring you happiness. Don’t be afraid to get rid of too much – shoes, clothes, toys, trust me in the long run it can help quite a bit to have a less cluttered household.

Secondly, spend wisely (financially). When you’re at the store and your child really wants those princess shoes that are impracticable, don’t impulse buy them just to see a temporary smile. Think about your happiness for the long run. Sure, if you buy those overpriced shoes she can wear them around the house for a couple days before getting bored of them. However, if you buy her regular shoes for school (that is more than likely about to start) she can wear them for a while. By purchasing things for the long run, and not for a short term burst of happiness it will also help you keep your house clutter free.

Streamlining recreation. Most parents want their kids to be the smartest, fastest, most talented child in the world, and I don’t blame them. Instead of forcing your child to do recreational activities, sit them down and ask them what they like to do. You can even make a list of all the activities available in your area, and ask what their favorites are. Don’t force your child to do a recreational activity that they don’t want to, not only will you have to listen to them complain about it, they won’t accelerate at it either. Make sure the activities you suggest, are activities you can actively attend and engage with your child in. If you are unable to make it to any weekend soccer games, make sure dad or another parent will be present – remember recreational activities are not to be used as a babysitter.

Lastly, some ME time. This is what a lot of mom’s struggle with the most. Some mom’s believe finding “me” time is selfish, and that if you have a child your world is to revolve around them. This is not the case, every parent needs time to decompress and just relax. High stress, anxiety and built up tension only makes the relationships with your children harder, and also effects your relationships with other people. Make sure to ask daddy, grandma, or a good friend if you can have a few hours to go to the spa, go on a hike, or just go to the grocery store by yourself. Trust me, you deserve it, you are a good mom.