How To Be a Good Mom

Every one of us wants to be a good mom, but how can we tell if we are good moms? I’d like to think that just reading an article titled “how to be a good mom”, shows that you are putting effort into being a good mom, and a good start.

Being a good mom isn’t just a list, but if you are looking at ways to improve on being a good mom, here is a list of things that can help you.

Be Supportive. Never try and put your kids down. Kids are constantly exploring, and experiencing new things every day. I know they are hilarious sometimes, but try not to laugh at your kids hobbies, interests, or friends. Instead try and help your child by pushing them to follow their dreams, and provide support and encouragement when you can.

Make yourself available. Try putting the cell phone down, tv off, and focus 100% on your child. Making yourself available, approachable, and being a good listener will allow your child to confide in you. If your child feels like they can’t confide in you, they may keep all of their emotions stored up, and cause them to retreat into a shell which will make you feel like you don’t even know your own kid.

Admit when you are wrong. I know we are right 100% of the time, but that’s not actually the case and you know it. When you make a mistake it is very important to apologize. Apologize will make you feel better, your child feel better, and save you all the trouble of anger.

Make your child feel special. The little things are the most important part of being a good parent. Give them a goodnight hug and kiss, cuddle them, and constantly remind them that you are there for them, even when they don’t want to hear it. Knowing they have somebody who will love them and accept them regardless is the most important part.

This is just a very short list on how to be a good mom. There are many ways to be a good mom, if you feel like adding to the conversation make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.