5 Relaxing Mom Quotes

One of the many things moms need to do is relax! Being a mom is hard work, constantly trying to please others. With all the mess and chaos in a moms life, we need to remember to slow down, and relax! Here are some of my favorite mom quotes about relaxing!

Relax. Let ever moment be what it’s going to be. What’s meant to be will come your way, what’s not will fade away.
Don’t forget to sit back and relax every once in a while… you deserve it.
You will never be this loved again. So on those days when you are feeling stressed out, touched out, and depleted, just remember that you will never be this loved again. One day you will long for their affection. So choose a soft voice, choose gentle hands, choose love.
I need to clean the house, I need to get going, I need to make dinner, I need to give her a bath. I need to slow down.
I am a mom. My house is always loud and messy and that’s ok. Because one day it will be quiet, spotless and lonely.