mom & daughter affordable date ideas

Mom & Daughter Affordable Date Ideas!

Ever wanted a night away, say with your daughter? Well chances that a date night with your daughter is just what you need! It is important that each parent have alone time with their child to discuss personally what is going on in each others lives. Now I know your daughter is still young and may not understand some of the complications going on in your life, but it is important that you understand what is going on in hers. Just remember, that your little daughter will eventually grow up,  and be off on her own, so it is important to enjoy your time with her while she is still young.

Some of these ideas aren’t for every mom & daughter relationship. Make sure to pick a few you like, and then let your daughter pick a few she’s interested in too!

Bake Something Delicious. Have your daughter help you make some of her favorite flavor cookies. Not only does she learn some basics of baking, but it can be quite fun at the same time! Plus who doesn’t like cookies am I right?

Take her to dinner. Every girl loves to be taken out to dinner. So let her chose her favorite place to eat, and dress up! Wear something exciting even if you are going out to McDonalds, it’s more so about the experience than the food!

Mom & Daughter Movie Night. Grab some popcorn and catch your favorite movie with your daughter. Make sure to try and get their a little bit early for some extra socializing time!

Get Slurpees! Kids love slurpees, well and moms do too! For a short little getaway take her for a slurpee and enjoy drinking it while at the park. Or take her to Sonic to get her favorite slushee that you can enjoy while listening to her favorite band on the radio.

Redecorate Her Room. Simply re-arranging the room may be enough. Send dad out for a beer while the two of you listen to her favorite pop music and change things up. Maybe she wants to hang a new poster? Move the bed to the other side, who knows sometimes the littlest things can go along way.

Paint Each others Nails. Stop by your favorite store and pick out a few of your favorite colors. Put on your favorite movie and just enjoy talking, and painting each others nails. Bonus points if you two match!

Picnic. Pack up a yummy lunch, soft blankets, and head down to the river or park to have a quiet picnic. Maybe you can even combine the painting nails with picnic in the park?

Horseback Riding. This is one of the most fun ideas on the list, however, it is not always super cheap. If your daughter is interested in riding horses, do some research and see what kind of prices you can find in your area.


If you have any affordable mom & daughter date ideas make sure to leave them in the comments below!

minimalist parenting less is more

Minimalist Parenting Moms Tips

Minimalist parenting is a technique used by moms all over to essentially, enjoy being a mom more by doing less. It is an approach that allows families to be aware of their personal values and priorities – allowing you to identify what best merits time in your life. The best way to start on your process to mastering minimalist parenting is to accept that changes are coming, and change is good. However, do not expect things to change instantly, as all good things take time (unless they are new shoes on sale at Target).

For many moms being present 100% of the time in their child’s lives is the goal. However, doing this will cause moments where you are completely in the moment with your child, and other moments where all you can think about is how you’re going to manage to clean the house, or that lingering project at work. The fact of the matter is, their is just too much going on in our lives, too many work meetings, too many events, too many errands to run and so on. If that’s the case, you may want to try minimalist parenting.

First step, decluttering. For some moms, clutter can cause anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed. The best way to declutter your house is to throw away, or donate, anything in your house that isn’t a necessity or doesn’t bring you happiness. Don’t be afraid to get rid of too much – shoes, clothes, toys, trust me in the long run it can help quite a bit to have a less cluttered household.

Secondly, spend wisely (financially). When you’re at the store and your child really wants those princess shoes that are impracticable, don’t impulse buy them just to see a temporary smile. Think about your happiness for the long run. Sure, if you buy those overpriced shoes she can wear them around the house for a couple days before getting bored of them. However, if you buy her regular shoes for school (that is more than likely about to start) she can wear them for a while. By purchasing things for the long run, and not for a short term burst of happiness it will also help you keep your house clutter free.

Streamlining recreation. Most parents want their kids to be the smartest, fastest, most talented child in the world, and I don’t blame them. Instead of forcing your child to do recreational activities, sit them down and ask them what they like to do. You can even make a list of all the activities available in your area, and ask what their favorites are. Don’t force your child to do a recreational activity that they don’t want to, not only will you have to listen to them complain about it, they won’t accelerate at it either. Make sure the activities you suggest, are activities you can actively attend and engage with your child in. If you are unable to make it to any weekend soccer games, make sure dad or another parent will be present – remember recreational activities are not to be used as a babysitter.

Lastly, some ME time. This is what a lot of mom’s struggle with the most. Some mom’s believe finding “me” time is selfish, and that if you have a child your world is to revolve around them. This is not the case, every parent needs time to decompress and just relax. High stress, anxiety and built up tension only makes the relationships with your children harder, and also effects your relationships with other people. Make sure to ask daddy, grandma, or a good friend if you can have a few hours to go to the spa, go on a hike, or just go to the grocery store by yourself. Trust me, you deserve it, you are a good mom.

roadtrip with children

Road Trip Activities for Kids

Traveling and creating memories with your children is one of your favorite things to do. However, the trip there can cause you to go insane and want to quite literally “flip the car around”. We’ve prepared a small list of things to keep your kids busy while on your way to your favorite family destination.

Travel Binders – A binder of things that your kid can read, color, or play with can help keep them busy. Include things like pictures of your destination, coloring pages related to where you’re going, and maybe depending on the age – words related to where you’re going if your child is learning to read.

Tablet – Some parents may disagree with this, so this one’s up to you. Some kids like to watch YouTube or play games on tablets. This can keep kids busy for hours while on the road. If your tablet requires an internet connection you can “tether” it with the internet connection on your cell phone.

Audio Books / Stories – Sometimes kids like to listen to their favorite film over the radio. You can download audio books and burn them to a CD to listen to while on the road.

Plan Play Stops – Depending on your route, you can plan little play stops. Bring your favorite game and play it in the grass at a rest top. Stop by Target and let them pick out a little toy to play with the car. Check out the next city’s museum. Getting out and stretching their little legs might just be enough to help your child remain calm.

Letter Plate – Bring a plate with every letter on it. Every time they see a sign with a letter on it, let them peal off the letter. It doesn’t have to be a sign, you can go with things that begin with that letter. For example a Blue truck passes you, let them remove the B, you can make up many variations of this game.

Letter walk: walk around the neighborhood looking for letters on signs or things that begin with that letter, and then fold down tab on the plate.This would make a great car activity too!

If you have any suggestions for other moms, make sure to leave them in the comments below.

How to be a good mom

How To Be a Good Mom

Every one of us wants to be a good mom, but how can we tell if we are good moms? I’d like to think that just reading an article titled “how to be a good mom”, shows that you are putting effort into being a good mom, and a good start.

Being a good mom isn’t just a list, but if you are looking at ways to improve on being a good mom, here is a list of things that can help you.

Be Supportive. Never try and put your kids down. Kids are constantly exploring, and experiencing new things every day. I know they are hilarious sometimes, but try not to laugh at your kids hobbies, interests, or friends. Instead try and help your child by pushing them to follow their dreams, and provide support and encouragement when you can.

Make yourself available. Try putting the cell phone down, tv off, and focus 100% on your child. Making yourself available, approachable, and being a good listener will allow your child to confide in you. If your child feels like they can’t confide in you, they may keep all of their emotions stored up, and cause them to retreat into a shell which will make you feel like you don’t even know your own kid.

Admit when you are wrong. I know we are right 100% of the time, but that’s not actually the case and you know it. When you make a mistake it is very important to apologize. Apologize will make you feel better, your child feel better, and save you all the trouble of anger.

Make your child feel special. The little things are the most important part of being a good parent. Give them a goodnight hug and kiss, cuddle them, and constantly remind them that you are there for them, even when they don’t want to hear it. Knowing they have somebody who will love them and accept them regardless is the most important part.

This is just a very short list on how to be a good mom. There are many ways to be a good mom, if you feel like adding to the conversation make sure to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

How to Be a Patient Mom

Tips To Be a More Patient Mom

We have all had bad days, and remaining patient with our children is a difficult task for most moms. Not only does our lack of patience effect us, it can effect our children as well. Here are some tips to be a more patient mom. Try these next time you are feeling impatient.

  1. Eliminate Expectations Don’t compare what your kid does to any other kid, every child is different. If you go into the evening expecting a nice quiet night with a quiet bedtime and your child decides to be nuts, it will most likely make you angry. If you are expecting to do something fun once your child goes to sleep, and your child wakes up, it will more than likely make you angry. Eliminating these expectations can lead to less stress, and a more patient relationship with your child.
  2. Remember How Hard it is to be a Toddler – Chances are, your child is not intentionally making your day more difficult. Your child just doesn’t know how difficult they are making your day. If your child wants something, and they don’t get it, they will get angry. Your child is just now becoming self aware, and more than likely doesn’t know the reason they can’t have what they want.
  3. Do Something for Yourself – Do something you enjoy, and take a break from parenting. Depending on your home life, if you can get out and get your nails done, or have a fun night out with your friends, DO IT! After enjoying some time to yourself, you are more than likely going to return to your child much more patient.

If you have any tips or methods on how to be a more patient parent, make sure to leave them in the comments below for other moms!